10 Nov

Flowers in the Footsteps of the Khoi

It was a crisp spring morning at Tintswalo Atlantic—a day when all the purples and oranges on the mountain seemed to be flowering at once; as if they had all agreed that today was the day for their colour to shine. “It’s the perfect morning to be looking at the flowers!” said Johann October, my guide, as we set off along a footpath that wound along the mountainside above the lodge. The deep blue bowl of Hout Bay provided a dramatic backdrop as we made our way along the contour that hugs the Chapman’s Peak. It didn’t take long to appreciate Johann’s deep...
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3 Nov

Inside Tintswalo Atlantic’s Famous Island-theme Suites

Imagine visiting some of the world’s most beautiful islands without leaving the lapping shore of the Atlantic Ocean near Cape Town. It may seem a little implausible, but Zanzibar, Antigua, Ithica, St Marie, and even the historic Robben Island are just a stone’s throw from Hout Bay—neatly lined up along the shore below the dramatic Chapman’s Peak in Table Mountain National Park. From the outside, these chalets blend into the natural environment, but walk into the rooms, and you are instantly transported into a magnificent island paradise; while the Atlantic Ocean splashes softly on the rocks outside the window. Through...
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5 Oct

Love at Tintswalo: Whales Spotted Mating in Hout Bay!

It was one of those perfectly still mornings at Tintswalo Atlantic, where the ocean is such a deep shade of blue that you wonder if it’s possible to get any bluer or more spectacular. The evening before, two of our guests became engaged by the glow of a candle-lit dinner and were now out on the breakfast deck having their morning coffee; no doubt in a blissful daze, enjoying what must have been the perfect morning. But little did they know that their morning was about to get even more romantic. A pair of Southern Right Whales appeared in the...
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1 Oct

Hout Bay Music Project: Skills Transfer by Tintswalo Atlantic Community

Our first contact with Leanne Dollman came when she approached #TeamTintswalo after she heard that we were reaching out to identify community projects as a way to take our previous volunteering in the community to the next level, which would be through a skills transfer program. The Hout Bay Music Project Trust is a registered NPO program.  Since the project’s inception in 2003 they continue to help children come together everyday to experience the joy of music. Children of Imizamo Yethu Township and Hangberg play in the streets, often on the dangerous Main Road after school. The Project Director, Leanne Dollman imagined...
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10 Aug

CARES Spa Day for Community Senior Citizens

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. ~Dr. Seuss I was very tempted to make the heading of this Blog: “Say No Ways am I taking ONLY Cupcakes!” Consider it the unofficial heading, I will explain: Hout Bay has over 70 NGO’s & NPO’s to date. During the months whilst the re-build of Tintswalo Atlantic is on-going we have been given the eye-opening opportunity to become involved with some of these unrelenting care givers and their organisations. With each interaction comes a new experience, paired with, often harsh realisations. It...
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25 Jul

Atlantic Community Project: Iris House

Last month a local Cape Town business Just Trees, generously donated a huge gift of indigenous Milkwood trees to Tintswalo Atlantic and the surrounding Table Mountain National Park. These trees have helped restore life to our mountain. So blessed were we, that it seemed only fitting that we share the love to a nearby charity. And so Tintswalo Atlantic General Manager, Ryno du Rand, met with Irina Mink, who is an active local community member, and well-connected with local organizations that need support. Irina immediately knew who would appreciate the trees best: Iris House. Iris House is a vibrant charity...
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5 Jul

Fireman Frank Forbay – Tintswalo Lodges Real Life Superhero

Fireman Frank Forbay was one of the brave men on duty during the devastating Cape Fire which destroyed most of our beloved Tintswalo Atlantic. Frank was fighting the fire at the lodge, when a gas bottle exploded, burning his face and hands. Frank was badly burnt in the explosion at Atlantic andspent a month recovering in hospital. After being discharged, it was his wonderful wife Natasha, who nursed him back to health. It was only after the ordeal that Frank told us this story: When the explosion went off and he felt himself catch fire, his gut reaction was to jump straight into the...
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