17-18 December 2016

Lion – Talamati pride We had one sighting of the Talamati’s over the 2 days. By the time I got there, the rest of the pride had moved north, but the old one eyed female was feeding on the last of the Buffalo kill that they had. We enjoyed her all to ourselves for over […]

13-14 December 2016 – The Leopards steal the show

Lions – Thanda Impi male Lions We found both males having a very dozy nap on Catwalk west, so they moved back into Mbiri pride territory. There really isn’t much to be said about the sighting, because the highlight was the Sizanani male rolling over once. That however is Lions! Talamati pride We also one […]

2-5 December 2016 – Rhulani has an uncomfortable morning.

Lions – Mbiri pride We first had a sighting with 3 of the Lionesses on Vulture pan road, a day later one of the older Lionesses was found with 4 cubs, close to Catwalk west again. We now believe that they have 6 cubs, as the last cub sighting was definitely 2 cubs. So probably […]

24-28 November 2016 – New additions to the Mbiri pride

Lions – Thanda Impi male Lions We had 2 sightings of the Thanda Impi males, over the 4 days. They were initially found on Windi Windi, lying low under a Guarri bush, whilst it softly rained on the afternoon of the 24th. We found their tracks a lot in the days that followed, but only […]

8-9 November 2016 – Thanda impi tempers flare

Lions – Mbiri pride We had 2 sightings of 2 of the females. The were initially found on the evening of the 8th, sleeping next to the road, close to Xigamba pan. The next morning, they were found in exactly the same place, but were this time joined by the Thanda Impi male Lions. Tensions […]

6-7 November 2016 – Rhulani gets a free meal

Lion – Mbiri pride The Mbiri pride seems to be quite split at the moment, and we think its because the adult females are looking for denning sites in the core of their territory. We found 3 of the Lionesses in the drainage line on Tamboti road. It was difficult to see all 3 of […]

3-5 Nov 2016 – The drought devastates, but the predators still thrive.

Lion – Mbiri pride One of the older Mbiri Lionesses was found with Skorro thanda Impi male on a Buffalo carcass, on Catwalk west on the 4th. He was clearly more interested in her than the meal though. Later, on the afternoon of the 4th, 3 of the other Lionesses were found just on the […]

26-28 October 2016 – A new young male Leopard arrives in the north

Lion – Mbiri pride We had 3 sightings of the Mbiri’s over the 3 days. They were initially found at the lodge on the morning of the 26th, and moved to Panicum. The next morning the moved north to Konkoni quarry, where one of the younger females had a drink and then joined the rest […]