11-12 December 2016 – The Mbiri’s bring their cubs out for the first

January 27, 2017

Lion – Mbiri pride

There was quite a lot of movement with this pride over the 2 days. We had 4 of the Lionesses on a Buffalo kill on the 11th. The Buffalo was killed right in front of our baker suite. Its a good thing we didn’t have guests in that suite, because I’m sure it would have been a very surprising morning cup of coffee. The next morning, we found them again on our delivery access, and by the afternoon we tracked them to the den site close to catwalk west. And a huge surprise was that they’d brought the cubs out into the open. When we arrived the females were incredibly relaxed with the situation, and after a few minutes the cubs were completely oblivious to our presence. A truly wonderful sighting!

Thanda Impi male Lions

We had one sighting of the Thanda Impi males, and they were lying just off Piva path. They moved back into Nharhu pride territory, probably just touching base with their other pride, since they’ve been spending so much time with the Mbiri pride. Both males are looking in very good health, so the future of the Nharhu pride and mbiri cubs is looking good for now.

Other views from the bush

We had a lovely sighting of this very young Elephant calf. It this stage he rarely strayed far from the safety of his mothers legs. This will change in the next few months. ISO 2000, f7.1, 1/250sec

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