14-17 August 2016 – The Lions are on Fire

December 9, 2016

Lion (9) – Mbiri pride (4)

The Mbiri pride spent all their time with the Thanda impi male Lions, during this period. While on Safari, they were first found on the 15th, with both the Thanda Impi’s on Tamboti Road. The Skorro male was showing a lot of interest in one of the young females, and by the afternoon they’d moved to Windi windi and some mating was happening at metronomical consistency. They were found the next day, with the Sizanani male on catwalk west. On the morning on the 17th, they were found on Nyathi drive with two Buffalo kills. By the afternoon, they’d abandoned one Buffalo to the scavengers and enjoyed the other carcass.

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Nharhu pride (3)

The Nharhu pride provided some incredible sightings as well! On the morning of the 14th, our safari guests witnessed how the lions killed a sub-adult Buffalo on Mantwaan mphisi. The two Thanda impi males were also present, and definitely helped in disposing of the carcass. They were found further to the east the next morning on Leadwood link. The next morning they were found with two buffalo kills on Mveve link, only a few hundred meters from where they were seen the previous day. It definitely has not been a good few days for the buffalo population, but great for an exciting safari!

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Mohlawareng pride (2)

We had two safari sightings of the northern Mohlawareng pride! These lions were found with yet another Buffalo kill on Koppies cutline on the 15th. This pride however, has a habit of losing their kills to the local Hyena population, and that’s exactly what happened. On the morning of the 16th, the kill was relocated and 10 Hyena’s were happily feeding on the carcass. The lions were then found on Hippo rocks road, where they spent the rest of the day.


Leopard – Sable bridge cubs

The Sable bridge leopard cubs spent the majority of their time on Vulture pan road, in the northern reaches of their mother’s territory. They were seen in the same area for 2 consecutive days, and after that the tracks suggest that she moved them further to the south. They are almost a year old now, and in September they will receive their own names.

dsc_4994-copy dsc_5003-copy dsc_5010-copy dsc_5012-copy vulture-pan-0810 vulture-pan-08-09

Other views from the bush

The Hyena den on GPS loop is providing some fantastic safari moments, with the pups playing and interacting beautifully with the adults. The big sighting of the blog was definitely the Pangolin on Windi windi. It presented itself in the middle of the Lion sighting, and all of a sudden the Lions were relegated to B grade citizens. It was just incredible to spend half an hour with one of the mythical creatures of the African bush. There were several Elephant herds moving around the central parts. So there were several sightings of the calves as well, which is a huge favorite amongst the guests.

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