17-18 December 2016

January 30, 2017

Lion – Talamati pride

We had one sighting of the Talamati’s over the 2 days. By the time I got there, the rest of the pride had moved north, but the old one eyed female was feeding on the last of the Buffalo kill that they had. We enjoyed her all to ourselves for over an hour. She then got up and made her way towards where the rest of the pride was lying in the cooler shade.

A very distinctive Lioness. She apparently lost her one eye, when she got kicked by a Zebra during a successful hunt. Iso 800, f8, 1/1250sec

Other views from the bush

He’s so fluffy! A very young Elephant calf, stepped away from its mother for just long enough for us to get a few shots. ISO 1600, f7.1, 1/400sec

Some of the residents have been enjoying the little bit of rain we have received. The young shoots of a Buffalo thorn, are readily gulped down by these Giraffe. ISO 800, f7.1, 1/640sec

At this time (just after the lambing season). young impala males are thrust into the world of male Impala’s. Hierarchy must be established. ISO 800, f7.1, 1/400sec

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