23-24 July 2016 – Safari Love is in the Air

December 6, 2016

Lion – Thanda Impi males and Mbiri pride

We dont have much to report, due to the length of the blog, but we did find the Skorro Thanda impi male lion with one of the Mbiri Lionesses on the 23rd. They were mating close to Sable bridge. Both seemed really sleepy, and it took almost half an hour of waiting, before they did the deed. With all the possibilities with the lion dynamics at the moment, its going to be interesting to see if this pride has cubs, and whether or not the Thanda impi’s can hold on to the territory, to defend the cubs.

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Mohlawareng pride

The skittish pride that we see in the far northern parts of the reserve, have been making some appearances lately. They were found with a Buffalo kill, to the west of Wilderness road. The two adult females are still quite skittish of the vehicles, but the youngsters are totally relaxed. They are the youngest surviving cubs of the famed northern Matimba’s, that we know of anyway. So the strong Matimba genes are running strong in the northern Manyeleti, between the Mbiri pride and the Mohlawareng pride.

dsc_4588-copy dsc_4594-copy dsc_4615-copy dsc_4628-copy dsc_4643-copy


Sable bridge cubs

We had one sighting of the Sable bridge cubs in the two days of this report. They were found at Reedbuck plains, in the drainage line. They are getting quite close to their first year birthday, and their mother has done well, considering all the Lion activity in her territory. They spent the morning that they were found, playing in and out of the drainage line. Eventually the male climbed a tree, and posed for a few photos.

dsc_4468-copy dsc_4470-copy dsc_4478-copy dsc_4488-copy dsc_4497-copy dsc_4513-copy

Other views of the bush

The general game sightings were quite interesting, to say the least. Besides the normal Elephant and Buffalo sightings, we also had a mating pair of Hyena on Marula ridge. It was overcast for the two days, so the light for good photography was non-existent.

dsc_4436-copy dsc_4444-copy dsc_4452-copy dsc_4538-copy dsc_4545-copy

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