24-25 October 2016 – A fever of activity.

December 29, 2016

Lion – Mbiri pride

The Mbiri pride moved a round quite a bit over the 2 day period. They were at first, found with both Thanda Impi male Lions on Catwalk west. The next morning, they were seen at the lodge and eventually settled down close to Panicum loop. The evening of the 25th, they killed a Buffalo at Xigamba pan. It was an amazing experience for the guests to witness the kill.

Nharhu pride

We only had one sighting of the Nharhu pride, before they moved into the KNP at Vincents pan, on the eastern boundary. They were moving east on the morning of the 24th, but seemed to be enjoying the rain that was falling through the morning. Its interesting that after the interactions with the Mbiri pride, it seems that the Nharhu’s are now moving more north east than north west, when venturing out of their core territory.

Talamati pride

We also had one sighting of a portion of the largest pride in the Manyeleti. We found one of the adult Lionesses with 8 of the sub-adults on Buffelshoek access. They had a Buffalo kill, but weren’t feeding on it during the sighting. The sighting got quite interesting, when a small herd of about 50-60 Buffalo walked past and the Lioness immediately got interested. The wind however changed direction, and the Buffalo ran off like a squadron of tanks through the bush.

The adult female in the sighting, keeping close eye on a herd of Buffalo ISO 400, f7,1 , 1/400sec

Thanda Impi male Lions

We also only saw the Thanda impi’s once over the 2 days. They were seen with the Mbiri pride on Catwalk west, diligently waiting for any opportunity to test the females and try to reinforce themselves as the new pride males of the Mbiri’s. Both males had a selected female and watched and waited.

Other views of the Bush

The general game was once again on good offering. The Hyena’s were particularly fun to watch, and produced some good sighting at the den, as well as away from it. Some small Buffalo herds were also seen in the central Manyeleti, but the times are tough for the Buffalo and Hippo’s at the moment. There was some descent elephant activity in the eastern parts of the reserve , but with the lack of rain, we’ve had to work for Elephants.

The season of nest building has begun. This Red-billed Hornbill was aiding its mate with this important activity. ISO 400, F8.0, 1/1000sec

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