29-31 August 2016 – Battle Lines Are Drawn by Big Cats

December 10, 2016

Lion – Nharhu pride (3)

These were the only Lions we saw over the three days! The Nharhu pride spent the period to the north of Main Dam, around Malcolm’s Bridge and Leadwood Link. The big talking point, was on the morning of the 31st. The Nharhu pride was found on Leadwood Link, and one of the Lionesses was sporting some injuries. She was clearly in pain, and was acting quite aggressively towards the cubs, when they got too close. The injuries were clearly lion-made, and she had scars on her side and lower back, which are very typical of a lion attack. But who?! Theories between the guides ranged from the two young male lions we’ve been seeing to the south of Main Dam, to maybe another altercation with the Mbiri pride! The truth is: we don’t know!

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Leopard (3) 

Rhulani male leopard (1)

The Rhulani male leopard killed a Warthog, on the evening of the 28th, and the sighting flowed over into this period as well. He spent two days on the kill, before a surprise visit from his old foe! The Beacon male leopard joined him on the morning of the 30th! Nobody saw this coming, since Rhulani successfully managed to drive Beacon out of his territory, about a year ago. The males spent the morning, posturing to one another. By the afternoon of the 30th, we saw that Rhulani had moved his kill, and managed to keep Beacon from adding insult. He hasn’t been looking well for a few weeks now, and it amazes me how Beacon could pick up on that and come knocking when the time is right. Interesting times to come!

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Beacon male leopard (1)

As mentioned before, the Beacon male made a return to his old stomping grounds, and we found him with Rhulani at Wild Dog Dam. After Rhulani moved his kill, on the 30th, we relocated Beacon to the west of Wild Dog Dam. He is looking very healthy and fit, and in very good condition. Not bad for a ten year old Leopard! His return does spell trouble for the Sable Bridge cubs though, and we’ll have to see how far Rhulani allows Beacon to roam.

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Sable bridge cubs (1)

We had a sighting of the young female cub on Madache on the 31st. We are seeing both cubs on their own now! The young female spent the afternoon stalking Impala on the open area, showing the confidence she has. This is going to be the toughest period of her life, as she learns to be independent, and has less and less interaction with her mother. But all Leopards have to go through it, and I’m sure she’ll be a successful female.

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Other views from the bush

The general game viewing has been of the normal, high standard. We have several Elephant herds roaming the central Manyeleti, as well as several Buffalo herd in the north.

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