Hippo Charges Entire Herd of Buffalo: Sighting of the Month

October 27, 2017

Hippos certainly hold one of the most fearsome reputations in the African bush

These big, water-dwelling beasts are renowned for causing the largest number of human fatalities out of all the animals.

If you invade a hippo’s personal space—which usually includes a section of river, dam or pan—you will be extremely lucky if he tolerates you, and at worst he will become very aggressive. A hippo’s ‘home’, as we all know, is the water, which allows for very few escape options when threatened. Because of this, hippos are more prone to being very touchy when something enters their domain.

And that’s exactly what happened recently when a herd of buffalo came strolling down to the dam for a drink. One of the hippo bulls decided that enough was enough, and he got up and do something about this intrusion, proceeding to attempt to chase away the entire herd.

A herd of this size could put quite a dent in the water levels of a small dam or pan, and even bigger herds sometimes move into the area to come and enjoy the food and water that’s available.

The events in the video are a classic example of inter-specie competition, where animals of different species will compete over resources, especially when the resources are limited in the dry winter season. Even a herd of elephant came down for a drink, and this could’ve added to the Hippo bull feeling more threatened by all the new visitors!

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