What to Pack on a Game Drive

Game drives are one of the most fun, exciting, memorable and special experiences of your safari. Twice a day, you head out with your guide on an adventure in the bush, searching the Manyeleti for all the wonderful creatures that live in this wilderness. With game drives making up such a big part of your […]

Family Safari: The Kids’ Program at Manor House

The African bush is an enchanting place for a child: filled with wild creatures and plants that some have only ever seen in movies and books. But the wilderness it’s also a place of learning, where ancient African wisdom combines with natural science to open a child’s mind to the wonders of nature and the […]

Bush Breakfast With Elephants

There’s one important rule to remember in the bush: never miss a morning game drive! Morning in the bush is the time of day when everything comes to life. All the birds are calling their dawn chorus; the leopards are active and patrolling their territories; lions are hunting in the soft light of dawn; and […]

Why Upgrade to a Private Safari Vehicle?

Game drives are an integral—magical—part of the safari experience at Tintswalo. Twice a day, in the early morning and late afternoon, you head out into the Manyeleti wilderness, searching for lions, leopards, elephants, and many other wonderful creatures and wonders of the African bush. While drives are normally shared between up to six guests; some […]

Lions of Tintswalo: The Buffalo Are Back!

The summer rains have arrived, the plains are beginning to burst with grass, and that means one important thing: the big herds of buffalo are moving into the area, and it’s going to be an interesting time for the legendary buffalo hunters of the Manyeleti. As we’ve written before, the Lions of Tintswalo are renowned […]

Songs of the Manyeleti

I’m standing among a group of singers and dancers outside the Manyeleti Game Reserve; as they perform one of their favourite songs for us. Their beautiful, rich African voices drift over the nearby houses, and though I can’t understand the words, I can feel their meaning seep into my skin. A trip to Tintswalo Safari […]

Remarkable Sighting: Hyenas Battle Cheetah Over Impala Kill

As rangers and trackers, we spend many hours a day in the bush, every day. And sometimes you think you have seen it all. But it’s days like this that show the African bush is always full of surprises, and you can never predict what you are going to encounter. My guests and I were […]

The Leopards of Tintswalo

At Safari Lodge, we are lucky to enjoy some of the best leopard interactions and sightings anywhere in Africa. If you have been on a safari anywhere in Africa or the greater Kruger National Park, you will know how elusive and shy leopards can be, it’s often the last animal of the list of “Big […]

The Magic of a Dinner in the Bush

There’s nothing quite like a bush dinner deep in the middle of the African wilderness. Losing the four walls of a restaurant and enjoying a meal out in the bush is a wonderful and primal experience that you just can’t replicate anywhere else in the world but Africa. There’s something about sitting down at a […]

The Female Animals Ruling Tintswalo Safari Lodge

In celebration of Women’s Month in South Africa, we decided to look at some of the animal groups at Safari Lodge that are powered by females. Matriarchal family structures are more common in the animal kingdom than you might think, and it’s no different in the African bush. From elephants, to lions, to the tiniest […]