1-2 September 2016 – The Xiluva Female Leopard stalks Two Cheetah

Lions (2) – Mbiri pride (1) We had one sighting of the Mbiri’s over the two days. They killed a Buffalo on Rian’s folly, and were looking really good and well-fed. We do believe that the mystery of who assaulted the Nharhu Lioness in the previous blog was answered. One of the older Mbiri Lionesses […]

29-31 August 2016 – Battle Lines Are Drawn by Big Cats

Lion – Nharhu pride (3) These were the only Lions we saw over the three days! The Nharhu pride spent the period to the north of Main Dam, around Malcolm’s Bridge and Leadwood Link. The big talking point, was on the morning of the 31st. The Nharhu pride was found on Leadwood Link, and one […]