26-28 August 2016 – Rhulani Leopard Kills a Warthog at Wild Dog dam.

Lion – Mbiri pride (2)  The Mbiri pride had a very busy time over this period! They managed to kill three Buffalo in the three days. The first killed two Buffalo at Old Pump, on the afternoon of the 26th. The next morning they were nowhere to be found, and a clan of hyena were […]

18-20 August 2016 – A full house on Safari

Lions (5) – Mbiri pride (1) We only had one sighting of the Mbiri Lions. They were seen with the Skorro Thanda impi male Lion on Reservoir road. There was really not much to report, it was one of those standard lazy lion safari sightings. Nharhu pride (1) We also had one sighting of the […]