Friends of Tintswalo

Tintswalo Safari Lodge – Rhino Conservation Program

The poaching crisis in Africa is driven by an ever-increasing demand for rhino horn. South Africa has
by far the largest population of rhinos in the world and is an incredibly important country for rhino

To combat the unprecedented rhino poaching crisis in Southern Africa, Tintswalo Safari Lodge aims
to raise awareness about the poaching epidemic and provide funding and support for a variety of
urgently-needed anti-poaching interventions in the Manyeleti Game Reserve, Greater Kruger
National Park and the South African Wildlife College (SAWC).

The aim of this is to develop and educate the youth and communities to protect our natural
resources by creating an understanding of the relationship between the game reserve, eco-tourism
& lodges, our natural heritage, the community and jobs to have a sustainable future for all. So far
this program has reached roughly 800+ pupils from the 19 communities surrounding the Manyeleti
Game Reserve.

Visit the SAWC website to find out more about this charity.

Tintswalo Safari Lodge - Sustaining Manyeleti's Communities Program

Tintswalo Safari Lodge has been distributing meals consisting of maize-meal worth R42 000 to 27 schools that are adjacent to the Manyeleti Nature Reserve. Each school received ten 25kg bags of maize-meal a few weeks ago and this will help the surrounding poorer communities feed the children whose parents have been struggling financially during the pandemic.

The lodge managed to raise most of these funds through its successful Virtual Safaris and Tintswalo’s competition fundraisers together with two other lodges. Each lodge donated a two-night trip to help raise funds for the school children in the area. The viewers were so excited about the prospect of having six nights in the Manyeleti, and so the donations streamed in!

Tintswalo Safari Lodge is delighted to be able to assist these children who are all special to everyone at the lodge. They are the future of the Manyeleti, and through environmental education, play an important role in the anti-poaching campaign by remaining vigilant and reporting poachers to the local authorities.

Tintswalo Atlantic – AMOYO Performing Arts Foundation

Many children from disadvantaged backgrounds in South Africa believe that their future is tied to their
past, and there is nothing more for them beyond their small community. When you grow up with
less, it’s not easy to see your own potential.

But there is one organisation, based in Hout Bay, which is using the magical power of performing arts
to help the kids in their community to flourish. Tintswalo Atlantic is currently supporting the Amoyo
Performing Arts Foundation, an NPO that helps to teach and mentor children from underprivileged
communities around Hout Bay; giving them the skills and confidence to create more from life than
what was handed to them.

Tintswalo Atlantic provided much needed support to this organisation, helping with transport, food
and general logistical assistance over the past two years. Any donation will be appreciated by the kids.

Visit the AMOYOA website to find out more about this charity.

Tintswalo at Boulders – Shark Warriors Charity

Shark Warrior Adventures is located on Seaforth Beach just outside Simon’s Town and is home to a colony of around 150 endangered African Penguins. As a breakaway colony of penguins from the neighbouring Boulders Beach Colony, this population of birds were supposed to be protected as they are located within the Table Mountain National Park. However these penguins received no protection and were subjected to daily harassment at the hands of thousands of visitors. This has put a lot of pressure on the penguins. As a result, AfriOceans has become the guardians of these penguins and have taken action to limit the human interactions that clearly affected the birds. They constructed a barrier around their favourite rocks to keep unwanted humans from invading their crucial important safe space. The area now has been expanded to prevent trampling of the adjoining coastal dune area. This barrier has made a huge difference towards ensuring the safety of these resident penguins, as well as greatly improving penguin viewing conditions for the visitors. Together with AIRBnB Impact Experiences, new exciting projects are planned to further enhance the penguins living conditions and continued survival.

Visit the AfriOceans website to find out more about this charity.

Tintswalo Lapalala – Wild Dog Conservation Program

It has always been part of Tintswalo’s culture and mission to engage and work with local
communities by raising conservation and environmental awareness through educational campaigns,
training workshops and participation in environmental campaigns run in the area.

Endangered Wild Dog Trust (EWT)

Tintswalo Lapalala together with the Endangered Wildlife Trust are keeping track of the LAST
roaming wild dog pack in the South Africa. This collaboration has focused on the Wild dogs and
educating the local communities how to deal with these roaming predators. This ongoing project
entails collaring and tracking wild dogs which move through Lapalala Wilderness Reserve from
time to time.

Visit the EWT website to find out more about this charity.

To make a donation towards the above Non-profit charities:

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Account 1195843283 / Branch 14690500
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