Tintswalo Boulders – Shark Warriors Charity

March 2, 2022

Shark Warrior Adventures is located on Seaforth Beach just outside Simon’s Town and is home to a colony of around 150 endangered African Penguins. As a breakaway colony of penguins from the neighbouring Boulders Beach Colony, this population of birds were supposed to be protected as they are located within the Table Mountain National Park. However these penguins received no protection and were subjected to daily harassment at the hands of thousands of visitors. This has put a lot of pressure on the penguins. As a result, AfriOceans has become the guardians of these penguins and have taken action to limit the human interactions that clearly affected the birds. They constructed a barrier around their favourite rocks to keep unwanted humans from invading their crucial important safe space. The area now has been expanded to prevent trampling of the adjoining coastal dune area.

This barrier has made a huge difference towards ensuring the safety of these resident penguins, as well as greatly improving penguin viewing conditions for the visitors. Together with AIRBnB Impact Experiences, new exciting projects are planned to further enhance the penguins living conditions and continued survival.

Visit the AfriOceans website to find out more about this charity.

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